Buddha hates screws

I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘mindfulness’ stuff recently. It’s all rather interesting and I’m quite keen on a bit of meditation.  I can see how it would help my clients etc etc.

However, even big belly himself would love to kick a prison officer. I went out with one yesterday, a former prison officer who was a pugnacious individual to say the least. He offended everyone I work with in minutes of meeting them proffering his views on immigration and travellers. I took him to see Skid row, to see where asylum seekers live and where some traveller sites are. I really wish I hadn’t. I felt somewhat embarrassed to be in his company.

The thing is, in my own limited experience I have yet to meet a prison officer whom I have considered to have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Cold, arrogant and lacking any kind of empathy or compassion.

Does prison make one that way or is it a side effect of the job? I’ve been wondering the same about mental health nursing recently. Considering the fact that almost everyone I’ve met or worked with over the past 20 years has been damaged, neurotic or psychotic then how do I know what is ‘normal’ any more?

Well I think my career in mental health may be coming to an end. Sadly not with a position at the RSC or rep theatre but instead as a health visitor!

We shall see…


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