Despite my failing to land the role of Hannay, I feel that I can salvage at least some good from the process.  Part of my preparation for the audition was focussing on my voice. This meant working on my RP (Received pronunciation) as well as undertaking vocal exercises as defined by Cicely Berry.

The thing is, it drives my wife mad. I arsk…for a glarse of water. Whereas my wife flattens the ‘a‘ which is typical of the north part of England.

The curious thing about playing with one’s voice is the fact it really challenges ones preconceptions about oneself. If I speak correctly then how do I know the real tone of my voice? Forcing an accent makes the voice shrill and ‘heady’. I also find that I revert to my Lancashire roots if I’m angry/furious/enraged which I often am.

I find the process of using RP quite effortless in some situations, for example when out shopping or dealing with the public and especially when talking to other wannabe actors.

It amused me to see in the paper today that a call centre is being relocated to Burnley Lancashire from India. A Burnley accent is a peculiar thing and when I was a child I spoke with a very strong Blackburn accent. Fortunately I learnt to eliminate the lazy aspects of my language whilst at college, indeed I was filled with pride when I went home to  Blackburn and found that people didn’t recognise where I was from and I could immediately spot the Blackburn ‘twang’. The Blackburn/Burnley accent emphasises the letter ‘r’ as well as drops the letter ‘H’ from speech.

For example a Blackburn/Burnely person would say ” ‘arry’s got a new carrrr. eez agait it’s a belter”

Translation: Harry has a new car. He says it’s smashing.


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Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

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