Even my browser is insecure

These are indeed strange times. The country is revolting. The banks are collapsing and there is nothing on the TV to cheer us up. Yet, my concerns at present seem more existential than anything else.
I suppose part of this is a response to my recent health scare, another reason being that my career is finished.
The thing is, I loved being a mental health nurse at first, just over the past few years I came to the conclusion that eventually it will kill you.
However, since becoming interested in meditation recently, the idea of ego death is quiet appealing. Necessary in fact.
Let’s consider how much of our lives are lived out of habit. My work clothes for example tend to be the same, a shirt, tie, smart trousers and polished shoes. This morning I decided to just wear the first things that I saw. This means I am wearing a green t-shirt that features a guitar amp, my wifes jeans and a pair of boots, adorned with a sports jacket and a trilby.
I decided that as I normally shower each morning, I would go with not washing to experience the sensation of smelling. I did decide to clean my teeth however.
At my desk I decided to drink a mixture of tea and coffee. I am ordinarily a strict tea drinker and do not enjoy any sugar in my drinks. Again this bears the hall mark of a habit, so it seemed entirely reasonable to have 5 sugars.
Of course I won’t be having it again and I really did not enjoy the drink, but it was interesting.


About lordegburtnobacon
Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

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