My subconscious wife and I

I was reading about how Kate Winslet saved Richard Branson’s 90 year old gran from a fire on his private island. The thing is, Kate Winslet is the woman who has featured in my own nightmares. Kate is not the woman of my dreams, but instead she in my dreamstate is instead a demanding, baby popping, attention seeking, whiney wife.

I can’t say I’ve seen many of her films other than Titanic and some rubbish thing years ago called Holy Smoke.

I can’t say that I am interested in her life.

Yet this woman haunts my subconscious. In my reverie she is married to me and I hate it. She is morbidly jealous, weeps at every possible opportunity, is constantly pregnant and has 6 children about her all the time.

The dreams cause me to awaken in a panic stricken state, for this to me is the very idea of hell on earth. I am prepared to admit that of course it’s not the real Kate Winslet, it is simply my minds construction of her, so therefore I am Kate Winslet. I probably need to find the root cause of this anxiety and maybe one day I will be able to watch one of her movies without hiding behind the sofa.



About lordegburtnobacon
Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

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