A sad loss to villany

There is something rather beguiling about a dictator. I think it is a common fantasy for a man to be a dictator and this week it seems we are loosing one of the best. Muammar Gaddafi.

This may not be a popular view, but come on! Let’s look at his kudos factor. Firstly Ronald Reagan couldn’t kill him, the fact that Ronnie couldn’t count to 10 is neither here nor there, he had lots of bombs at his disposal, but Gaddafi had a bomb proof tent.

Secondly, he had a troupe of female body guards. How cool is that?? Hats off to him on that one, very Bond villan-esque.

Thirdly, I admire any dictator who has the gall to establish a cult. His green book is an appalling read (believe me I’ve waded through some passages…yawn). However, again my cap is doffed.

Of course, I wouldn’t trust him with a mouldy turd and if the people of Libya are happy to be rid of him then fair enough.

It’s just that there is a touch of glamour with dictators.


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