My visit to the moon

Over the weekend I went to watch a Premiership football game. Wigan Athletic played Queens Park Rangers at home in sunny Wigan.

I’ve not been to a match for ages, the only reason I used to go to football was so I could break the awkward silence between my father and I.

I have to say that the entire DW stadium had an awkward silence. Never before have I experienced such awful fans. At least when I used to go to watch football there was an atmosphere, crowds singing, the sway of the supporters that physically moved you.

Well that was not the case on Saturday. I was sat in the ‘home’ end, although I’m not sure they have those any-more judging by the lack of noise. Sure there were moments of applause but I think that was it. The away fans were loud and singing away. I wanted to swap ends, they seemed to be having a great time even whilst their team was 2-0 down.

Maybe it is to do with the fact that Wigan don’t have a history nor indeed a culture of football. Maybe it is to do with the fact that the Challenge cup final was on that day too. I doubt it though.  The attendance for the game was under 18,000 which was disappointing too.

I took my son to his first football match hoping he would have the memory ‘burned’ into his soul. He enjoyed it but would still rather watch the rugby. After this showing I think he has a point.


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