Buy! Buy! Baby

The more observant readers amongst you may have picked up on the fact I’m not a fan of consumerism.

I don’t own a mobile phone that can play nihilistic gangster rap, nor have I used it for happy slapping. I use the internet at home and in the office but I feel no need for it when I’m out and about.

The reason why of course I do not think consumerism is a wise policy for the world to pursue isn’t simply my hatred of mobile phones. It’s just that I see it as utterly evil.

Let’s think for a moment where most things are made these days. China and South-East Asia. Let’s just have a little moment and think about the working conditions there. Slavery at the end of the day. Workers in China making Apple products were made to sign agreements promising not to commit suicide last year. Just to satisfy the insatiable demands of the westerners to have the latest model.

Then of course there is the environmental damage. Thousands of factory’s using coal for power, a proliferation of nuclear power plants. Goods being shipped or flown across the globe,  driven then to warehouses where they are then driven to retail outlets, where we all drive to, and so the cycle continues.

Of course there is always another model just around the corner.

People sit in their boxes..sorry houses, watching TV seeing a world of handsome men and gorgeous women laughing, climbing mountains,riding bicycles in charming French villages and experiencing levels of transcendent joy because they’ve got a bottle of water or a new credit card or whatever.

How is all this paid for? Debt. Personal debt in the UK is over £1 trillion. I don’t even know what a trillion is. It sounds like something from Star Trek. It’s a lot of money though isn’t it?

If you can’t make the bills. If you can’t pay the debt then you go to court, or the bailiffs come and take away your precious possessions.  You then get a black mark against your name and you become deviant. Credit agencies are powerful things and do not take kindly to you not giving back money that doesn’t exist in the first place.

We run like hamsters in a wheel, an endless circle of desire, that leads not to happiness but to more greed. Greed is greedy!

Today, I read that UNICEF report that families in the UK are trapped in a cycle of compulsive consumerism and that time spent with children is traded off with ever new shiny things and longer hours at work.


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