The real horror of halloween

I don’t have many childhood recollections of Halloween. The reason being, it wasn’t a big thing in the UK. Of course, following the meeting whereby it was decided that everything was now going to be made utterly awful from now on, the UK spends millions on this strange event.
I have to ask, ‘why?’. Surely this time of year is about gathering wood, and building the biggest pyre one can with the feeling of excitement and anticipation leading to the 5th of November?
Sadly, Guy Fawkes night seems to have been overtaken by a more commercial holiday. After all, the beauty of ‘bonfire night’ is the fact that by and large it was a home-made effort. Of course fireworks were bought but these days we are ordered to attend organised displays. Organised displays lack the quintessential thrill of setting fireworks off in the back garden, that is, the prospect of having either your hand blown off or gaining a manly burn across the face.
So, again, we have become increasingly risk averse in British society.
Instead we have replaced this potentially character building effort with a tacky and frankly un-scary marketing opportunity..sorry I mean, holiday.
Looking at the array of ‘Halloween’ goods in the supermarket I was intrigued to see that almost all the plastic crap and underwhelming costumes were made in China. Items ranged from as little as £1 to over £40. It did make me think that some chap in China would have worked like a soldier ant making plastic cauldrons to sell in the west. Is that really any way for a person to live their life?
I miss the time that Britain sneered at Halloween, that we viewed it as purely an American phenomena, much like Thanksgiving. We had our own celebration, a joyous and indeed bigoted re-enactment of burning a catholic terrorist.
Given that we have turned back the clocks one hour this week already, can’t we try a little harder and push it back 30 years?


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