End of the world? Sounds Marvellous.

The continued Sovereign debt crisis causes me no end of pleasure. Hysterical headlines, prophets of doom and the internet news forums engaging in endless debates about either the end of capitalism or the futility of socialism. Why, it’s a marvellous time. I’m particularly keen to see what happens to Greece given that it has decided to hold a referendum on whether or not the population should become voluntarily poor for the next 50 years. I find it interesting too that the moustachioed Greek PM has sacked all the heads of the military and put in place generals whom are more ‘sympathetic’ to his policies. I’m visiting Greece in April next year, so I will try to find out what the word in the Taverna is.
Will we see the rise of autocracy, theocracy or plutocracy? Will we really see the end of the welfare state and the return of real poverty in Europe?
I seriously doubt it to be honest, but I am strangely compelled to see it happen and watch the results.
Certainly in a European context we’ve had a marvellous run since the end of WW2, but nothing is permanent in life or the universe.


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2 Responses to End of the world? Sounds Marvellous.

  1. andershanssen says:

    Good points. Interesting to see that what most European citizens will face is much more dire than the ones who placed us in this mess.
    On another note, its’s a great opportunity to practice Stoicism.
    What can we really live without, and what should we learn to live without to make this world sustainable?
    Europe has a long history of suppression, and of exploiting the rest of the world.
    Why isn’t now the time to pay our dues?

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