Dazed and Confused

I’m confused.  I’m often confused, I’m quite comfortable in being confused too. Let’s face it, it may be a natural position to take given the vagueries of modern life, the complexities of human relationships, and the sheer number of paint colours to choose from.

However, one thing I am increasingly confused by is the seeming inability or unwillingness for people to sort their own lives out.

This rant was prompted partially by the day to day work I undertake and also reports from the British consulate.

Allow me to explain.

Recently I’ve been out and about seeing people who don’t have any mental health problems (such as schizophrenia, Bi-polar or even depression), but who feel that they can book an appointment to discuss the fact they are arguing with their partner, or kids on the estate are setting fireworks off.

However, these complaints pale into comparison when one looks at what the chaps at the British consulate have to deal with.

For example, one man phoned the British Consulate in Florida because there were ants in his room, another asked for his dog to be met by embassy staff as it went through customs, the consulate also received requests for baby sitters, the phone number of Phil Collins and the size of Prince Charles’ feet.

Maybe people are just used to having somebody else to sort their problems out, that qualities such as self-reliance are old fashioned these days.


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Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

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