Be a positive person like me!

At times I really do wonder why people get in such dizzy states.  One look through the newspapers and why, it’s possible to drink a bottle of absinthe, down some benzodiazepines and slit one’s wrists in the bath-tub.

Sure, it appears that democracy is on the wane. Instead of dictators with enormous moustaches we end up with rather nerdy looking European sorts introducing ominous sounding ‘austerity’ measures to the masses.

Watching the local news, one could be forgiven for thinking that all young people will stab you with foot long machetes before suing you for emotional distress caused by your bleeding onto their trainers (manufactured by skilful children, cheerily paid almost 50 cents a day).

Actually, I have an alternative. Go out, smile, enjoy the few hours of daylight that are available this time of year. Enjoy the autumn colours, enjoy the cold and the feeling of warmth when you get back home. I had this revelation whilst meditating in my car sitting in my favourite spot; the woods.

Doom certainly seems to sell.

If doom is your thing, then I would remind you that in approximately 8 billion years, our sun will die and all life in our solar system will come to an end. so all the worries in the world, all the cruelties amount to nought. If nothing else cheers you then, perhaps that thought will.


About lordegburtnobacon
Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

3 Responses to Be a positive person like me!

  1. mausheim says:

    Well said, indeed.

    However, I do believe that before our sun is to die, it is expected to blossom into a great red giant, thus completely consuming our humble little rock in space in a firey nasty sort of death. I do believe that this is scheduled to occur in a fortnight or two, but I may be wrong…

  2. Forest Gate says:

    Is this an advert for dogging?

    • Ugh..I couldn’t think of anything worse! The thought did creep in my mind when I was in the park but it was broad daylight I assure you. Besides my moustache has magical powers, it sends women running away.

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