No more heroes

Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, David Hockney, Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Jules Verne, Bram Stoker and George Orwell.

The Northern lights, the Pyrenees, monument valley and the Carpathian mountains.

The Napoleonic wars, the Boer war.

I’m sure you have heard of all of the above. Please, deary me I hope so. I’m afraid that not everyone has.  Indeed a phenomena I increasingly encounter is that of the ignorant adult.

I am at a loss as to explain why some people have failed to hear of such famous and iconic figures, landmarks and historical events.

I have some theories as to why this has happened, sadly I have no facts as to why. Perhaps there has been a change in the way we educate, history seems to be seen as an increasingly irrelevant subject in schools. Maybe it is due to the fact that reading for pleasure is on the wane, or that so much of our media is utterly ‘dumbed down’.  Another hypothesis I flirt with is that we have a generation of ‘Kidults’. That is adults who still operate with a mentality of children, reading Harry Potter, listening to inane pop and consumed by vacuous celebrity culture.

I do find myself feeling increasingly alone these days, maybe that is in part with the company I keep, or the people that I meet.  Perhaps I should simply accept this and allow my inner ignorance to blossom like a fungus.



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3 Responses to No more heroes

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    The problem, I believe, is in the wiring of the human brain. Some brains retain information very well, others moderately well, and others… well…
    Back around twenty years ago I was watching a TV report on Vietnamese refugees being repatriated from Hong Kong. There was a girl of about 20 years there as well – old enough, I would have thought, to understand the context of the story. So I was surprised, nay, gobsmacked when she asked, wholly seriously, why did all these people want to leave Vietnam in the first place?
    I don’t think it’s the fault of the education system, or television – or the internet: it’s just the way of nature. Kidults are more visible these days, but my guess that people like that have always been around and it’s just more acceptable now.
    You don’t have to hide your childish pursuits for fear of what the neighbours might think. These days, the neighbours are likely to be cooking up meth in the garage or making amateur porn videos.

  2. mausheim says:

    Educators: Beware of those named “Alex”. They tend to be quite devious and dastardly.

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