I’d like to be rich too, where do I apply?


Reading the recent OECD figures on theUKeconomy (my word I know how to have fun in my spare time), it is possible to see that the gap between rich and poor is not only widening but also accelerating.

I’ve decided that I too would like to be very wealthy. Given that mental health nursing doesn’t lead to great wealth and I’m into amateur dramatics, I can’t see where my next million is going to come from.

I think I’d be great at being rich. I already have a big moustache and I likeTweed. My ideal car would be a British classic in racing green colours. I’d eat game and live in a gothic house, that was slightly too large for me and the family.

The thing that I would love to do though would be spend money on the things I care about. I’d put in a lift at the theatre, and invest in young people’s projects. I am not so much a ragged trouser philanthropist as I would tear about the countryside eating game pie and driving terribly fast in my vintage death trap.

Maybe that is the secret to joining the 1% club. You can’t do things to improve services or invest in people, you have to hoard it. There is just no fun in that.

Oh well, anyone want to pitch in and buy a lottery ticket with me this week? If I win I’ll give you your £1 back.


About lordegburtnobacon
Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

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