Another one bites the dust

It’s not been a good year for dictators. Now, the best dictator has gone the way of all flesh, one can only hope that Kim jnr can live up to his fathers reputation for playing golf ( North Korean myth department, reported that ‘dear leader’ got 18 holes in one on a round of golf), directing movies (again, North Korean myth department inform us that he directed 72 films).

Of course, he was an odious, murdering bag of puke. Most dictators are. Lil’ Kim was perhaps the most preposterous monster of them all. He wore built up shoes, had a perm, littered the countryside with statues of himself and created stupid ‘myths’ about how great he was.

One has to ask, how insecure does one need to be to become a dictator? Sadly, I doubt I will ever be able to visit North Korea, which is a shame. I’ve always found dystopian societies fascinating. You can imagine the look of disdain on my wife’s face when I suggested that we visit former eastern bloc countries to look at the drab architecture. Indeed, I put my foot down on the issue and we ended up going to Majorca.

2011 will certainly prove to be an interesting year for those of us interested in insane dictators. I have high hopes that the Muslim Brotherhood will prove just as ‘quirky’ for Eygpt.




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