It’s the way I tell ’em.

Well, the curtain fell last night for the final performance of Streetcar.

Today I’m rehearsing ‘Murdered to Death’ which is a comedy/farce/whodunnit piece which I have to admit is very funny.

Tennesee Williams wasn’t reknowned for his gags. Indeed, I told two of his jokes in Steetcar which never got a laugh!

Of course the jokes were racist given that the play was set in 1948 and had the N word. So I suppose the audience would have felt uncomfortable laughing. It was either that or my dodgy Louisianna accent!

Streetcar was very well recieved though by the theatre goers which was good to see as the show is on nearby by a so called professional outfit which by all accounts wasn’t a patch on the Wigan theatre version.

Once Murdered to Death is finished I’m taking a break from theatre. I need to spend some time with my family as I’ve been in shows almost constantly from last year.




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Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

4 Responses to It’s the way I tell ’em.

  1. gregoryno6 says:

    One day soon, m’lord, you will have to present some video of these performances.
    An anxious public demands it.

  2. Were you referring to Streetcar at the nearby Playhouse in Liverpool? I saw it and must admit it was great, I have no doubt yours would give it a run for its money though.

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