How to get ahead in ‘modern’ Britain.



One could look at the UK recently and feel a sort of sense of whimsy, perhaps a twinge of nostalgia, some folks even reported that they felt a sense of pride recently.

We’ve had the Jubilee, the football team is playing at the moment allowing brief moments of jingoism to eek their way into the press, the Olympics is coming along,complete with village greens, cricket games and scenes of rural idyll.

Indeed, it would seem to the outside world that all is well in Englands green and pleasant land.

However, modern Britain is more akin to Orwells 1984 than the powers that be would have the world acknowledge.

In 1984, Orwell describes a society whereby the majority of the people live quite happily. The Proles are kept amused with football, a national lottery, pop music, sensationalised press coverage of war and caricatures on which to project their hatred. It is the middle class whom seem to be the unhappiest, the party members whose job it is to re-engineer the truth or delete references to history. Social mobility is unheard of in Orwells Britain (aka landing strip 13) and it seems that social mobility is also moribund today.

The major professions in the UK are run by the old boy network, banking, law, politics and medicine are held together by the tiny percentage of the privately educated.

State education has left so many young people so utterly incapable of taking up paid employment that companies are now spending money to give people basic skills in written English and maths.

So, if you want to get ahead in Britain then I would suggest buying yourself an old school tie, developing an RP accent and refer to all potential employers with a ridiculous sounding nick-name.



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