Keep on singing/cooking/baking/etc etc

Sometimes I surprise myself. Despite the fact that approximately 97.4% of my life at the moment could be described as “complete shite” I remain fleetingly happy.

My Sunday Lunch was triumphant, I am mastering the fine art of baking and able to sing loudly whilst wearing my headphones, much to the annoyance of other members of the household.

I don’t know why I should remain cheerful but I just can’t help it!


About lordegburtnobacon
Greetings! I appreciate a fine Tweed and my hobbies include drinking heavily and acting. However I do not mix the two.

One Response to Keep on singing/cooking/baking/etc etc

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    They say that no man knows when he is happy – only when he was happy.
    Prove them wrong and don’t ask questions. Misfortune travels at its own pace, but it always arrives.

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