Bonzo the prophetic dog

Huge fan of Vivian Stanshall that I am, one is oft apt to read through some of his lyrics, and by crickey I think the Bonzo Dog band summed me up with their ditty “I’m bored“.

Indeed, it has recently been noted that I lack passion, zeal, enthusiasm for anything much. Whilst I point out that I do enjoy a good play or hacking jacket by and large they are right. I think almost 20 years in psychiatry has dulled the senses somewhat.

A young lady telephoned me today seeing if one would be interested in a job working with eating disordered clients. I think she too felt the full force on my apathy.

“Well darling, it’s an impossible job as most of them die anyway” was my reply. Also the money was abysmal. The private sector hasn’t got a clue when it comes to wages.