Humbug day

I don’t know about you, but it seems that if one says “I’m not keen on Christmas” then you may as well sign the sex offenders register and defecate on Princess Diana’s grave for all the popularity you will gain.

I know I am not alone in my ambivalence towards all things festive.

I enjoy seeing my son open presents but after that it’s all down hill. Copious drinking, eating food from dawn till midnight, people talking over a TV show you want to watch. Sigh..

However, I know that men of a certain age love a good moan. It does us good, I have no empirical data to support this assertion, but as it is the time of year when magical thinking is allowed, I will assert my case.

I advocate a world wide holiday of moaning, being grumpy, brutal honesty and sobriety.

One day where we can really let rip.

It’s more likely to bring peace on Earth than some fat bloke trying to squeeze down your chimney.



No sleep for the grumpy

I must be missing the stage. Actually I am missing the stage. When I’m not involved in a production then I have to face up the grim reality that my life isnt terribly fun at the moment.
I feel utterly fed up of my job, I really doubt if I can do this much longer. My heart is no longer in it. This makes being a mental health nurse difficult.
At least when involved in a production one can easily forget about the tedium of paid employment.
Christ…I need to cheer up.