Zen and the art of musical theatre

The show is going very well so far! I’ll post pictures once the show is finished as I’m not allowed to whilst it’s still on for some reason.  The show is a sell-out for the run so I especially pleased about this.

I really am a creature of habit before a show opens. When I arrive home, I’m generally pacing up and down the house with a wild look in my eyes. I will sit down for a minute then go back to pacing about with a feeling of excitement in my tum.

To try and calm this down I have been trying to meditate before the show. I’ll be  honest here and say I find this nigh on impossible. I am aware that I have a raised heartbeat, that songs keep coming into my mind and that I mentally rehearse certain lines to see how they sound if I emphasise different words. Needless to say Nirvana is looking a way off!

Still, the nerves/excited feelings are absolutely vital for me.  I can’t imagine going on stage and feeling like it’s as exciting as going to the office or buying a tin of beans.


It’s show time

Guys and Dolls opens this week in sun drenched Wigan.

We’ve had a fair amount of publicity in the local press and if modesty permits, a rather good shot of me as the grumpy gangster Big Jule.

Rehearsals coincided with a heat wave however. Yesterday I spent 5 hours in costume in temperatures of 30c whilst wearing a double breasted suit and tie, fedora and camel hair coat complete with scarf. Today, I feel utterly exhausted.

The trouble with being an amatueur is that of course one has to maintain a job outside of production, unlike those fortunate enough to be paid to be in shows, this means very long days indeed.

I’m off to recharge my batteries, I’ll let you know how opening night goes and upload some photo’s.

Quick, quick, Slow

My life seems to be made of opposites at the moment. During my ‘work’ hours I’m as active as a Sloth who has given up on life.

Evenings however are full at present. Guys and Dolls starts next week. I can’t wait, costumes arrived last night (I’ll post a photo later). By my estimation I think my costume weighs 3 metric ton. I’ll have to figure out how to move my arms under the weight of the very fine but heavy jacket I don.

Panto rehearsals start in earnest too. My word, it is a saucy old thing too. One would hope that a lot of the jokes go over the head of the kids, however, this being Wigan one can never tell.

There may be a chance of another part coming soon too. So that would be 3 productions in the space of 3 months.

Still, I do find that its the thing I want to do with my life the most. So hey ho!

Musical madness

I’m pleased to say I’m in Guys N Dolls.

Sort of pleased. I cannot watch the film, its just so utterly cheerful that it makes one sick. Half the tunes in the show make me feel as though somebody is using needles to scratch at my bones.

Have you heard Adelaide’s songs? A Satanic Orville who has been injecting helium into her rectum would sound better than those awful bloody things.

I suppose it would be perfectly reasonable to ask ” Why is this morose bastard in a musical”?

I like a challenge I suppose and I like to sing.

It’s just songs from musicals that make me feel sick!