It’s a beautiful world

I watched the Shawshank redemption the other night, sadly it was on very late and perhaps even worse it was on commercial TV. This means that just as the film turns a corner, an ad break comes on for aproximately 7 minutes.

I dislike advertisements. Actually, I hate them. I really hate them.

I hate everything about them, hate hate hate hate.

I despise mindless consumerism anyway. I’m suspicious of most technology as it seems to only want to take your money off you.

However, what I particularly despise is the ‘vie-faux’ of the adverts on TV.

Everybody is a model, they all live in large houses, everybody smiles all the time, they’re all up to fabulous things such as attending parties with tigers, or dancing in a Mediterranean palace with svelt nymphs feeding on fresh grapes and Belgian chocolates.  Car adverts show deserted roads that lead to mysterious destinations.

Of course it’s all sales. Selling a life of carefree, sexy and eternal youth with whatever the latest product is; alcohol or mobile phones seem to be the ones whom make the most expensive adverts.

However, the picture on the left of this screen shows you the local shopping precinct in Hindley. In the stores here you can place a bet on a horse or a dog, you can buy magazines that feature anorexic looking models living in fabulous houses and pretend that actually your life isn’t so completely shit for a while



The ramblings of a mad man

If you are unfortunate enough to bump into me in the darkest parts of Hindley Green, then you may well think that I am rather insane.

For at the moment, I wander about with a Harris Tweed jacket and an MP3 player, muttering to myself.

I’m learning lines, however, so I do stroll about saying things like ‘Dashed rotten business’ and ‘I say old girl’.

This however leads to me reflecting on my own mental health. Thing is, I tend to act like the character I’m playing, so at the moment I’m using a lot of RP, calling everybody ‘old girl, old boy, or old chap’. I even shouted at a lady who attempted to run me over this morning in a 1930’s style.

I’m sure my family are glad that I didn’t go for a part in ‘Hi De Hi’ as boundless cheerfulness is worse than my usual misanthropy.


Hindley Green city of excitement

One would have thought a spacecraft had landed, the royal wedding was to be taken in the local pub, but no! The hottest news in Hindley Green is that Aldi has opened.
I’ve never seen people queuing to get into a supermarket before. It is very handy for my water that I take to the gym and their crisps are top notch, but frankly I shouldn’t be eating those things.
Yesterday we visited Camelot theme park. A tiny place it is too. There are 2 coasters both of which are fun. It’s just the day after going on such things the body aches.
It certainly makes one feel old.