The curse of the Jack Russell

The old adage that people end up looking like their dog was playing on my mind earlier this week.

I don’t actually own a dog, I find they are too much like hard work and I really don’t want my face licking.

When I was a child however, the family had a Jack Russell. A somewhat bad tempered thing called ‘Emma’. I am quite sure though, as I was very fond of her that I ended up with my teeth being modelled on that of  a Jack Russel.

I used to watch American shows on TV and be amazed at their teeth. My only role model with teeth like mine on the telly was Dracula. I have two prominent fangs you see. The rest of my teeth look like someone has smashed a bottle on them.

Odd shapes, jutting out of my gums it’s as though I could make a crystal radio from them such is their composition.

Of course, this being England and being from a not terribly well off family meant that the NHS provided my dental care as  a youngster. Orthodontics was un-heard of unless of course one wanted to wear a bully magnet…sorry I mean a brace.

This week however a large and painful abscess infected my mouth following an incident with a sandwich whereby half my tooth fell out. A week of anti-biotic treatment followed  by a visit to the emergency out of hours dentist who proclaimed that the tooth will need to be removed. Sadly it is one of my okay teeth too.

The smile of the Jack Russell will remain.