My life long passion for reading has hit a new high this year. It was my 40th birthday and I was presented with a Kindle. When I was working nights I used to bring a rucksack with me filled with library books. It was cumbersome to be honest and the fact the local library closed down didn’t help much either.
I’ve really taken to the kindle however, it’s so nice to have a collection of books that doesn’t take over the house and end up getting covered in damp out in the garage.
So far this year I’ve read Lolita, Asimov’s Foundation, The Blind assassin, A long way down, The beach, The book of Dave, Liver, The big sleep, The long goodbye, Farewell my lovely, rant, Wolf hall, god is not great, 2001 a space odyssey, a short history of nearly everything, Consider phlebas, Pride and prejudice and zombies, Hard times, Fear nothing, Tuesdays with morrie, Fatherland, The Strain, The greatest show on Earth, The player of games, Solar and Umbrella.
I’m sure there are a few more too but the point is, my library is rather like the TARDIS, small on the outside, huge on the inside and able to transport you across worlds and time.