Ghastly knickers

I’m what could be considered a “man of the world” but frankly some things are best left to women to sort out. I think that one of these things are mucus discharges left in underwear of sexually promiscuous young women. I apologise if you’ve been eating your breakfast whilst reading this.
There are certain topics which I am quite happy to promote as taboo. I do not want to know about menstrual cycles, childbirth or hard skin on feet.
As part of this pact I will not discuss football, X-box games or my bowel movements.
I’ve been a qualified nurse for 17 years. The thing is I still feel a bit of fake to be honest. I’m fine with mildly neurotic sorts but other than that, frankly I’m not so sure. Oh dear..why do I end up doing work in clinics? Especially one’s filled with promiscuous sorts? Have they not heard the song ” Hey diddley dee and actors life for me”?