Super fantastic shiny things

 This is the same model of mobile phone that I use and have used for years!

Over the past 8 months I’ve been working with homeless people and refugees. Even the poorest people  in society think my phone is rubbish. I get no end of stick from my younger colleagues whom seem to have a new phone every other month.

Personally I’ve never really been into material things. I like my Harris Tweed jackets etc but they are all second hand.

Still, people tell me that their super-duper Apple phones and Android gizmo’s will make my life amazing.

Just like all the advertisements you see on TV where women with perky breasts and gleaming white teeth offer their immaculate children buckets of chicken, my joy will transcend all known pleasures.

The truth is of course, it wont. It’s a sad thing that so many people look for happiness in their material possessions. Indeed, it seems our entire culture and it’s economy is based on the pursuit of selling shiny things in order to find happiness.

I’m a very quiet rebel. I don’t want many things at all and I don’t believe that by owning a thing I will be any happier. I’d even go further than that and say  that happiness is all well and good, but I don’t obsess over it. If I am happy then all well and good, but, let it go, just like if I am miserable, oh well, let it go.



Planning permission

I’ve stopped planning things, making lists and setting goals.
I used to do these things earlier in my life and on reflection all I can say is “what was the point of that?”.
Instead, I now accept that life is littered with random events and most of these fall into one of two categories, miserable and horrible. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m quite happy with many things in my life. My wife is sexy and my son is witty. I can belt out a tune and my acting career can only improve. It’s just that when random stuff happens in life, it throws a curve ball into ones plans.
John Lennon famously sang “Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans”. I’m not a huge fan of his work to be honest, but I think he hit the nail on the head with this one.
Listening to whims is interesting. My earlier post ‘even my browser is insecure’ alluded to some of the whims I’ve been following recently.
I was researching my extremely difficult novel yesterday whilst at the gym. I was irritable however. I was irritated by other people and their behaviour. I did wonder what the point of some behaviours were and was interested in my own responses. For example, I questioned why I felt annoyed when some chap decided to admire his midriff in the mirror. Why was I irritable in the sauna when a young boy (aprox 11) came into the steam room and left the door open and then spent time slapping his feet against the floor.
You see, I planned to go to the gym, do my exercise and then have a sauna afterwards. This was my plan, indeed this was my folly. Random chance dictated that I would encounter individuals whose behaviour I found annoying. The question I had uppermost in my mind though was “Why am I irritated?” and this lead to “Am I irritated?” which lead to “How do I let go of this, how do I rid myself of desire?”

Answers on a post card please.