Conspiracy theory

I remember when I was a student nurse and a chap was sectioned under the mental health act. He was convinced that through his study of numerology that there would be a war against the Islamic nations in the next decade. This was in 1993.
Recently we have seen a continuation of sporadic terrorist activity perpetuated by individuals and erm..drones. This being the age of the internet has allowed conspiracy theorists to exclaim loudly that my long ago detained chap was right in his assertions. That we are being engineered towards a new crusade that will bring about a perpetual plutocracy whereby the vast majority of the population will be little more than serfs.
Indeed, the growith of those convinced that conspiracies are real seems to have exploded over the past 20 years. I have always been a little sceptical of conspiracies. Primarily this is due to the fact I doubt any politician to have the necessary skills to orchestrate the intricacies of the plots involved. I’m also very wary of the idea that people meet in secret or in plain sight (the Bilderberg group, the tri-lateral commission). Having worked in the public sector I am an expert at attending meetings, indeed meetings to discuss what should be on the next meetings agenda list, meetings to discuss how we might best culturally be sensitive towards non-existent minority groups and perhaps most depressingly meetings about how to promote the health and safety of people using the car park.
If meetings are the main tool of the illuminate then no wonder the world is in such a mess. If the aim of the secret group of men is to bring the world under order then frankly they need to review their strategy.