Well moving house is not my idea of fun. Firstly why do I own so much junk? Secondly why do I now have it my new house?

Today I have been up in the attic packing away stuff from our old house that we never use. Hmm.

Still, it’s been good exercise I suppose. My trousers now keep falling down, maybe that is just the Benny Hill in me coming out though.

In between moving house, unpacking etc I’ve been on stage each evening in A Streetcar Named Desire. My scenes seem to involve a lot of fighting, which unsurprisingly is also exhausting. I think it is worth noting that Tennessee Williams wasn’t much of gag merchant!

Oh well I must dash as the theatre beckons.


Moving stuff

No, this isn’t a post about emotive things. I’m in the process of moving house, hence my on-line activity has been rather quiet of late.

A particularly miserable note is the fact that I won’t have access to the net in my new home until March.

An interesting thing I suppose. This is a supposedly free-market, whereby I could choose a whole raft of suppliers, but no. Apparently I would have to fork out a small fortune in order to get a new provider as this would entail road works.

Marvellous stuff eh? Here we are in the 21st Century, with the same old economic problems that haunted the early parts of the 20th century, relying on ineffective private companies to do the basics.

Ah well, being off line shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for me. Most of Feb is taken up with Streetcar anyway. Also it will give me more time to shout at random strangers.