Vampire life

Despite the fact that summer happens for about 3hours in England I shall soon be shunning the daylight and entering the nocturnal world. A life half-lived soon awaits as I start the night shift.
This is not particularly what I was looking for. However the promise of a job where I can avoid meetings and Human Resources seems very appealing.
It does interfere with my theatrical goals however, but all is not lost. Instead I shall be having some decent ‘head shots’ done and seeing what filming is going on. Being an extra isn’t acting, but it does provide one with a constant stream of good quality food. As I love food, this is quite good.
The nights shift will allow me 4 days off at a time too. Of course the first day is just awful as you have to re-adjust the body clock.
Hopefully the house will be sold soon and we can focus on actually finding work that I want to do. Drama school is out of the question I’m afraid, far too expensive when one has a family to support. I’m quite keen on opening up a guest house. Perhaps one with a theatrical feel to it. Also my grumpy behaviour may just been seen as part of the ambience!