Now that the party is over

So, the royal wedding has been and gone. Prince Willy looked liked the chap from the tin of quality street whilst the Kate creature looked a bit plain really. I don’t know. I never trust a woman I don’t fancy.
Well…that isn’t strictly true but I just don’t fancy Kate.
Needless to say, there was no street party, no flags waving in my neighbourhood. I don’t think it’s because I live in a hot bed of republicanism by any means. It’s just hard to muster up enthusiasm for posh people. Of course, millions of odd balls turned up to wave flags at the posh people in London, and let’s face it they are very odd these people.
Meanwhile across America, millions celebrated the death of Osama. I suppose they had reason to be angry with him, I thought he was rather a serene looking person. There he was holding an AK47 but looked like he could sing a ballad any moment.
I also enjoyed the fact that he didn’t rely on powerpoint to help with his presentations.
See…perhaps there’s more to him than meets the eye.
I digress however.
The parties in America seem a little short sighted. This doesn’t mean that the ‘War on Terror’ is over. Indeed, it is an endless war as hinted at in 1984, with no clear objectives or end point. This also means of course that the new leader of Alqueda will have to do something bigger than 9/11 in order to make his mark. I’d imagine that the interview process for the job will be tougher than “The Apprentice” and marginally more disturbing.