The ramblings of a mad man

If you are unfortunate enough to bump into me in the darkest parts of Hindley Green, then you may well think that I am rather insane.

For at the moment, I wander about with a Harris Tweed jacket and an MP3 player, muttering to myself.

I’m learning lines, however, so I do stroll about saying things like ‘Dashed rotten business’ and ‘I say old girl’.

This however leads to me reflecting on my own mental health. Thing is, I tend to act like the character I’m playing, so at the moment I’m using a lot of RP, calling everybody ‘old girl, old boy, or old chap’. I even shouted at a lady who attempted to run me over this morning in a 1930’s style.

I’m sure my family are glad that I didn’t go for a part in ‘Hi De Hi’ as boundless cheerfulness is worse than my usual misanthropy.



Rememberance of things past

I may have mentioned early on in this blogs life that I used to have an account on Blogger. I wrote it for about 3 years and I used to go under the moniker of ‘rantingdullard’. I deleted the blog due to the fact that it a) made me insane and b)attracted unwelcome attention from stalkers and my employer.
I found it yesterday on an internet archive site ‘way back machine’ and read some of my diatribes. Some of it really did make me laugh, I read some out to colleagues whom also found it similarly amusing. I noted that my language was certainly a lot more profane in those days. I also got the impression that I was writing to please an audience rather than writing for my own sake. I will attempt to explain this a little further.
I wrote articles based on comments I had received or on blogs I had read. There was a blog roll on the site that listed all my blogger chums websites on it, everyday I would read all their blogs, comment on them and then they would comment on mine. I would then feel the need to check who had read my comments and so the circle went on.
Some of the entries were quite charming though. My son was 4 years old at the time and I recorded events such as going to the park with him or taking him to the zoo. I may re-post some of those early musings. Then again, the past is another country and one that I may not feel the need to visit too often.