Viva Boredom!

I’m aware that I haven’t posted for a short while. However, things are very different in my new house. My wife and I are caring for an 89 year old lady (Wife’s gran) who has recently broke her hip and had a stroke. She also has dementia.

Rather than put her in a ‘home’ we felt it was better for her to receive care from her family in her own surroundings.

Of course, it’s hard and rather tiring. Still, it is rewarding and she is happier that she isn’t alone.

It does mean however that our own free time is somewhat limited. Hence the lack of blogging recently.

Today, I was reading the paper and was struck by something. Not literally of course, I have no wounds. The Condem government is proposing more changes to Sunday trading in order to ‘stimulate’ the economy. Given that people have less money to spend (with fuel, food and heating costs being so expensive), quite what people will be able to buy is beyond me. However, I digress. Sunday in Britain used to be a national day of boredom. One couldn’t pop out to the shops or pub as everything was shut. This posed a challenge in my childhood. We used to go for ‘days out’ in a British made car, which invariably meant parking by a motorway waiting for the radiator to cool down.

Sundays were so universally dull that Morrisey wrote ‘Everyday is like Sunday’. These days, everyday is much like another.

It seems that modern British society has become ‘boredom averse’. I feel that this is a great pity. Boredom breeds creativity. Of course chronic boredom leads to riots, sort of. I think a hint of boredom is just the ticket. It can lead to writing silly verse, or playing cards, Monopoly or attempting to teach the cat to use the toilet.

The modern answer to boredom is to go out and spend money you haven’t got on stuff you don’t particularly need.

How does that build character?


Everyday is like Saturday

I’m not religious at all. I think it’s all a load of gump. However, one thing I do miss is the quiet Sunday’s we had. Do you remember when everything was shut on Sunday? It was boring as a child I suppose, but was it? Is there really any joy from 24 hour shopping? Is MDF so utterly compelling and fashion so riveting that we have to look at it 7 days a week?
I’d love a day free from commercialism. Consumerism is so utterly inane it drives me quite mad at times.
Mobile phones for example, I have an 11 year old model. I can phone people up and send text messages if I so wish. Homeless people laugh at my phone. Women and those under 40 laugh at my phone. The thing is, they get these gizmos that can send pictures, chat on-line and listen to music. Wow.
I don’t mind facebook. But bear in my mind my last ‘update’ was the word ‘pah’.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just stop buying shit we don’t need for a day? Or even going without something. Imagine running out of milk. Or sugar or bread. So what? Is your head going to fall off?