No place like home

Feeling much better now and have had quite a successful week all in all. I’ve got a part in ‘A street car named desire’, which comes on in the theatre straight after the pantomime. This means my schedule will be as follows, Monday Friday/Thursday and Sunday evening rehearsals for street-car. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday lunch time will be panto rehearsals. The two productions are worlds apart of course, whilst panto means lots of slap stick humour and me getting my backside kicked and then tickled with a feather duster, Street-car is dark, depressing and violent. I also have to work on a New Orleans accent, I very rarely play a British character so it seems!

Also the schedule looks hard work meaning that I’m not going to be at home much.

My wife understands but as I’m hardly home these days I feel a little like a visitor.


Quick, quick, Slow

My life seems to be made of opposites at the moment. During my ‘work’ hours I’m as active as a Sloth who has given up on life.

Evenings however are full at present. Guys and Dolls starts next week. I can’t wait, costumes arrived last night (I’ll post a photo later). By my estimation I think my costume weighs 3 metric ton. I’ll have to figure out how to move my arms under the weight of the very fine but heavy jacket I don.

Panto rehearsals start in earnest too. My word, it is a saucy old thing too. One would hope that a lot of the jokes go over the head of the kids, however, this being Wigan one can never tell.

There may be a chance of another part coming soon too. So that would be 3 productions in the space of 3 months.

Still, I do find that its the thing I want to do with my life the most. So hey ho!

The time of impasse

Well, the predicted flat spell has hit. No more theatre for a few months, at least until august. Being at home is quite nice though, being able to sit and watch a movie with my son and wife was pleasant. Rather unpleasant was the hangover I had today and the almost trouser soiling incident in a Wigan car park. Today was quite fun working with the health promotion team but the afternoon was dull. I went to Brook this afternoon too, induction on Saturday. Still a bit uncertain about all this truth be told. Then again, being a ‘supporting artiste’ isn’t terribly well paid and can be quite dull.
On a brighter note, my ‘Early morning pipe’ tobacco came today. Highly delighted with it. Has a slight flavour of breakfast tea in my view.